Personalized Nutrition Intervention
Autism and ADHD 

Using food and nutrition to improve symptoms, digestive health, nutrition status, and behavior in children with ASD and ADHD 


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Meet Denise

Denise Voight, MS is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine specializing in Nutritional Intervention for autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. She is an expert in applying scientifically proven food and nutrition therapies to improve health, symptoms, and behavior in children with ASD and ADHD.....

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Find articles on what you need to know in order to progress on your journey to using food and nutrition to improve your child's health and behavior. You'll find recipes, Functional Medicine Nutrition information, tips and strategies for implementing nutrition, and resources for success. Just the right mix of science and fun facts to educate and inspire.

Why Nutrition Intervention for Autism and ADHD??



Whether you are a parent of a newly-diagnosed child with autism spectrum disorder and/or ADHD and just trying to decipher fact from fiction within the vast amount of information out there, or you are a knowledgeable pro looking to continue to enhance your knowledge and develop mastery, you can trust that Denise has a nutrition program for your child and his/her unique, individual needs. 

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"Denise’s knowledge of nutrition, Functional Medicine, and the chemistry of the body is astounding! She can explain such scientific information in simple, easy to understand terms. I am glad we started this journey with her and I am happy to report that I have a healthier family because of her help."

Jacqui W

"I know from first-hand experience, that Denise will make a huge, positive impact on your family's life. She has the perfect qualities of caring, creativity, enthusiasm, vivaciousness, and the ability to present her knowledge in a concise, factual way, which made the sessions very educational and enjoyable. These qualities all create a perfect scenario for her students to thrive in. Her teaching style and technique was always informative, interesting, and most importantly, FUN! There are specific people who are perfect for the career they choose in life, and Denise is one of them."

Patsy P

"My Primary doctor, the three registered dieticians, and the team of specialists could not figure out what was wrong with me. As someone who truly wants to be healthy but is a puzzle to traditional medical practice, Denise was a godsend! Denise played a huge part in my recovery and my road back to health. She was well informed, positive, upbeat, a huge motivator, and I truly owe her for helping get my life back. I am 70 pounds lighter, and I am happy and healthy thanks to the part that Denise has played in my life!"

Cathy B

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